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Psychological Assessments and Reports

Psychological assessments and reports can be provided for employers, local authorities, insurers, solicitors and the courts.

These assessments can take the form of full reports, incorporating reviews of medical records, educational reports and expert witness reports as well as collateral information provided. Where appropriate assessment can include the use of psychometric testing to address specific questions raised.

Assessment reports can also be shorter written summaries of presenting problems indicating therapy options and likely outcomes following an initial assessment session. These summaries are particularly useful to employers, occupational health providers and insurers where the report is not required as part of legal proceedings.

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We are providers of supervision to psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and care providers throughout Cumbria. We provide online supervision as well.

Our network of supervisors includes trained and qualified psychology supervisors, CBT supervisors and psychotherapy supervisors. Our supervisors work across a wide range of clinical practice areas and utilise a range of different approaches to therapy which ensures a credibility and variety of experience. As with our therapists, our supervisors are members of national regulatory and professional bodies and adhere to their ethical frameworks and guidelines for supervision.


We provide bespoke training around mental health issues to organizations and employers as well as providing training in psychotherapy skills and approaches to the care sector both locally and internationally. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our main offices are in Carlisle at:

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We also have clinicians who see clients in Penrith, Wigton & Ivegill in Cumbria