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Dr. Quentin Simpson

Carlisle & Online



I specialise in working with people over 18 years of age and I use psychological talking therapies such as CBT, EMDR and Narrative Therapy to address emotional or psychological distress. This includes working with adults on their experiences of childhood trauma, domestic violence and traumatic life events such as accidents and bereavement. I work with conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression as well as working with relationship difficulties, attachment issues, low self-esteem & issues of adult personality

Heide-Marie Schmid-Borgschulte


Heide has now retired.

We thank her for all her work over the last 20 years in establishing this group of therapists and her contribution to our personal and professional development.


Alison Lancaster MSc Wigton & Online


People come to a talking therapy for many different reasons. Psychotherapy helps treat serious problems but it offers much more than that. Even when life is ok there is always scope for self-development. Some people are just curious to understand themselves better and therapy can be useful for this as well as the distressing problems. Whatever it is that people bring to therapy I support clients in finding their strengths and courage to confront and make sense of difficult experiences and emotions. As a psychotherapist I see my function as the catalyst for people to reach a greater self-awareness, balance and harmony in life

Judith Townsley
Carlisle & Online 


People come forward for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy when they have a current problematic symptom of a recurring nature, for example depression, anxiety, phobia, relational difficulties. Others seek psychotherapy when they feel their lives are consistently unfulfilled and empty even when they seem to be engaging in relationships and work.

John Heath

Penrith & Online


I look at people holistically as a unique blend of mind, body and spirit. I see most psychological problems as distortions of a natural quest for self-awareness and self-expression that show as cognitive, emotional or physical symptoms. My approach is based in the humanistic and integrative tradition where the emphasis is on helping people understand themselves more deeply. The therapy begins in the present by talking about what is troubling a person now and looking for ways to move forward from there. Often it helps to look at unresolved issues in past experience as they generally influence, consciously or unconsciously, what is happening now.

Keith Bickley

Carlisle & Online


I specialise in solution-focused brief therapy which is applicable to the majority of psychological, behavioural and relationship problems experienced in adults, children and young people. People who have suffered traumatic events or who have long-term physical health problems also find solution-focused therapy beneficial. I have many years experience of working with those people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder and their families and carers particularly borderline personality disorder.

Dr Lizzie Wagner

Penrith, Kendal, Carlisle & Online


I am an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist and an EMDR Practitioner. I have a particular interest in working with psychological trauma and with adjustment and acceptance around health conditions. As well as EMDR, I integrate cognitive behavioral, compassion focused and acceptance and commitment therapies into my approach. I primarily work with adults and occasionally older teenagers by arrangement.

Dr Jan Warnes

Carlisle & Online


Hi, I’m Jan Warnes, a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist working with children, adolescents, parents and families. I’ve specialised in children and young people’s mental health for 15 years and as a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 2009.
I can offer you in person and online therapy and coaching. I offer a safe, warm and empathic space to begin this work for yourself, your children or your family. I offer empowered client-centered work that can support you to develop tools and techniques to achieve meaningful change aligned with your values.

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