About Us

We are a network of independent psychologists and psychotherapists in Cumbria providing services locally and online to reduce psychological distress and to enhance and promote psychological and physiological well-being

We work together

We provide psychological therapies and support for people with a range of psychological and mental health difficulties such as trauma, adverse life events, low mood, anxiety/panic, relationship problems, sexual abuse and family mediation.

We have been known as Cumbria Psychology & Psychotherapy since 2020 when we moved our main base to 13 Earl Street in Carlisle. However, we were formerly called the Centre  Psychology & Psychotherapy and several of our therapists have been providing private psychotherapy services in Carlisle since 2004.The change in name aimed to better reflect the geography we work in and to avoid confusion with other services.

Although we work individually with clients and families and have differing approaches we have come together as a team because of our shared values towards providing a high standard of care to our clients, and our commitment to ongoing learning from each other.

We all have experience of working for National Health Services and the care sector and we are well connected to a wider network of healthcare professionals across Cumbria, Lancashire, South West Scotland and Northumberland, and we are able to advise you and connect you with other colleagues if this is more appropriate for your particular needs.


Anon– Sept. 2020

I sought Therapy after the death of my father whom I had looked after through a long and difficult illness. I felt very unhappy. I was depressed and suffering with anxiety. I was very nervous about seeking counselling as I found it very difficult to talk about my feelings.
My course of therapy has been enormously beneficial. Therapy helped me to address, process and resolve difficult periods in my life. I now feel happier than I have done in years. Therapy also helped me vocalise my feelings and communicate better with my family.

Anon– Sept. 2020

My therapy has enabled me to process personal loss, along with how to take care of my wellbeing both in the workplace and in my personal relationships, with the end goal being to give me the tools I need to live a happy, supported and fulfilled life.

Brian – Sept. 2020

I was suffering from an “unknown” illness and after many medical examinations and tests it remained undiagnosed. My therapist identified acute anxiety and started to treat my illness immediately. I am now able to manage my condition thanks to therapy.
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Our main offices are in Carlisle at:

13 Earl Street

Email: enquiries@psychologycumbria.co.uk

We also have clinicians who see clients in Penrith, Wigton & Ivegill in Cumbria