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… worked well for me as I was calmer than if I’d travelled to an office appointment. It was easier to relax after a sessions as I was within my home environment. I felt less exposed and vulnerable, particularly at the beginning. It would have been very difficult to share a room with a stranger to talk about personal issues at that stage but remote sessions removed that barrier.

Anon: September 2020

Online therapy can be a convenient and effective way of accessing therapy. It uses video meeting platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Sessions can also be done by phone using Skype or FaceTime depending on client and therapist preferences.

It is evidence based and known to be an effective way of delivering CBT and EMDR. It is also used being used effectively for other talking therapies such as transactional analysis, solution-focused therapy or narrative therapy.

For video based therapy it can be useful to have a larger screen, such as on a laptop or PC as this helps us to share information. But therapy can also be productive when conducted by telephone either with video on a mobile phone or without.

When choosing remote therapy, either by video link or telephone it is important to consider if you have somewhere quiet and safe, where you won’t be overheard or disturbed, for the session. That way you will feel free to speak more openly.

We would recommend online therapy for anyone who is comfortable with the technology and doesn’t need the environment a therapist’s room or clinic would provide.

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