What happens next

What usually happens is that you will come along for a first meeting to discuss your needs and together with your therapist you will decide about your aims. You will decide about future appointments and an approximate idea of how often and for how long you want to come. This will be reviewed as you go along. Our experience is that certain psychological difficulties will need 8-12 sessions, others up to 50 sessions or more. Sometimes a few sessions may suffice.

The appointments will usually be weekly at the beginning, fortnightly or monthly later on. One session lasts 50-60 minutes. Agreeing to attend for appointments carries with it the commitment to attend on a regular basis and to let us know if you are unable to come along. We politely request at least 24 hours notice of cancellation in line with other organisations.

We offer to support people in their own processes and development and in making their own decisions.

What you need to bring is your willingness to explore your thoughts and feelings and the preparedness for change.