Judith Townsley, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Consulting room is in the centre of Carlisle. – 13 Earl Street, Carlisle. CA1 1DP

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council with over thirty years of experience working in NHS mental health services, initially as a registered mental health nurse and in the last 20 years as a psychotherapist.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process which helps patients understand and resolve their difficulties by increasing awareness of their inner world and its influence over relationships both past and present. It’s aim is for deep seated change in personality and emotional functioning.

People come forward for psychoanalytic psychotherapy when they have a current problematic symptom of a recurring nature, for example depression, anxiety, phobia, relational difficulties however some people come forward for treatment when they feel their lives are consistently unfulfilled and empty even when they seem to be engaging in relationships and work.

Whether psychoanalytic psychotherapy is the treatment of choice for a particular individual depends on a variety of factors. It is important to have one or more preliminary consultations before we both decide if psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an appropriate treatment for you.

Occasionally treatment might be of a short duration but generally speaking psychoanalytic psychotherapy is best considered as a long-term treatment involving considerable commitment for both patient and therapist. The minimum commitment is once weekly sessions.

Once you are in treatment I will encourage you to say whatever it is that is on your mind. I will listen very carefully to what you are saying. As well as giving you a chance to unburden yourself I will also be listening and helping you become aware of unconscious patterns of the way you relate to yourself and others – the aim is that eventually this process will help you become less conflicted and vulnerable to maladaptive coping mechanisms and defences.

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