John Heath, Chartered Psychologist

John Heath B.Sc, M.Ed, AFBPsS

The Angel Clinic, 3 Little Dockray, Penrith, CA11 7HL

I am a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and BPS Chartered Psychologist. As well as offering psychotherapy services in Cumbria, I am also a qualified trainer and supervisor of psychotherapists, with a national and international practice.

My original chartering in psychology was in the field of education, which is where I worked until the early 1990’s. In this work I learned a deep appreciation of the effects of early experience on subsequent human development and this continues to influence the way I work with people now. I qualified as a humanistic psychotherapist in 1997.

The key principle of humanistic work is that people learn, develop and change in the context of relationship with significant other people. There are several modalities of humanistic psychotherapy and my own training is in Transactional Analysis, recognized by the UK Council for Psychotherapy and now developing its own evidence base for effectiveness with a range of psychological issues.

As a psychotherapist working in this style, my aim is to offer an attuned relational experience to my clients, which facilitates them in the linked processes of developing self-understanding, self-acceptance and, self-regulation. This technique is based on what is now known about how normal development proceeds and especially how it is supported relationally. I am assisted in this work also by additional training in body-orientated psychotherapy, which focuses particularly on somatic symptoms as a source of information about early experience and its subsequent effects.

I offer psychotherapy to adults and couples presenting with a variety of psychological issues such as

Depression, low mood, lack of interest in life, low energy
Anxiety, panic, phobia
Trauma relating to early life experience such as neglect, abandonment, abuse
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Personality disorder
Relationship problems

You do not need to have a clear diagnosis before referral. The method is suitable for anyone who is able and willing to think about their experiences, past and present, look for the repeats and the patterns and seek new ways of moving forward in their life. I aim always to create a respectful and responsive working relationship in which we can explore these things together. I can work to short term or longer term treatment goals as necessary.

I am also available for supervision or training engagements

I have a consulting room in Penrith where I see my clients. I can be contacted on 07799536667 or New referrals should be made via the website contact form.

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