Heide Schmid-Borgschulte

Heide-Marie Schmid-Borgschulte, Dip. Psychol., C.Psychol, AFBPsS
Chartered Clinical Psychologist (BPS), Psychotherapist and Supervisor (UKCP)

Centre for Psychology and Psychotherapy
65 Warwick Road, Carlisle CA1 1EB

Accredited Person-centered Psychotherapist (GwG, Germany)
Accredited Body-oriented Psychotherapist (GFK, Switzerland)
Accredited Systemic Family Therapist (AFT/UKCP) and Systemic Supervisor, Trainer and Teacher (AFT/UKCP).

I am trained in other psycho-therapeutic approaches, e.g. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Gestalt and Psychoanalysis and in specialist areas, e.g. Eating Disorder, Psychosomatic Disorder and Trauma.

For the last few years I have had intensive training in Mindfulness and Compassion based approaches.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and approved provider of mental health services for UK healthcare insurances:

  • Bupa Provider Number: 30023795
  • AXA ppp healthcare ref: HS01433

Having spent over 30 years working in the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy in institutional contexts (Women’s refuge, prison, NHS UK), as well as in private practice, I have worked with a variety of groups of clients/patients, presenting with a wide range of psychological and mental health problems.These range from difficulties in relationships and sexual problems, to depression, childhood trauma, eating disorder, psycho-somatic problems and psychosis. I have trained and supervised psychologists, psychotherapists and other professional groups. Drawing from research, well established therapies and continuous professional training as well as from my own experience in work and life in general, I have developed my personal integrative style,

I believe each client requires individual psycho-therapeutic treatment, tailored to her or his needs and anchored in a good functioning therapeutic relationship. I see my role as creating an environment in which my clients can freely express their thoughts and feelings. I meet them with empathy, focusing on the actual lived experience, trying to see the world through their eyes. Clients often come to me feeling desperate and weak. However, the majority have already lived through many difficulties (sometimes horrible experiences) and were able to solve them and to survive. I believe in people’s potentials, capabilities and strengths. I try to support my clients by helping them become aware of their healthy attributes, their resources and their creativity. I help them to understand and accept what they are and have, rather than to focus only on what is lacking and problematic in their lives.

As a systemic practitioner I am aware that people are influenced by their relationships and social contexts. This can be a source of both difficulties and problems as well as individual development and growth. Misunderstandings, misinterpretations and misconceptions can lead to individual and collective suffering. I find it useful, to invite partners or other members of the family (in agreement with the client) to join the sessions. We then explore family patterns, ideas, beliefs and feelings about each other. Small changes in behaviour and thinking can lead to a more positive and supportive attitude of all family members. That can happen in other contexts as well. Many work related problems can be caused by work contexts which do not function well, rather than being based on personal failure.

As a Body-oriented Psychotherapist I work from a holistic viewpoint, considering the interdependence and interconnection of body, emotions, mind and spirit. Much of the suffering people want to explore in psychotherapy, has to do with a wide range of physical symptoms or has links with their bodies (sexual difficulties, anxiety and panic attacks, trauma, eating disorder). I usually help my clients to become more aware of how they habitually deal with their bodies, and I help them to become more aware of their involuntary body activities, e.g. postures, gestures, movements, breathing pattern. Mindfulness and compassion techniques are helpful in connecting and integrating the distinct levels in us. I sometimes work with touch (with explicit verbal permission of the client).

I provide supervision to other practitioners (individuals and groups), not only focusing on psychotherapy with their clients or people they support or manage, but also focusing on their development of personal and professional abilities, qualities and resources.

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