Keith Bickley, Family Therapist.

Scottish Institute of Human Relations (2001)

I am a Family therapist using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as my main therapy model. I have 30 years experience of working in the N.H.S. adult and child mental health services. This included managing in-patient units, working as a Generic and Forensic Community Psychiatric Nurse and delivering the family therapy service in the local Psychotherapy Dept for the last 13 years of my N.H.S. career. I retired from the N.H.S in 2015.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a set of simple questions designed to help individuals and families with complex difficulties that cause worry and distress in their lives. These include, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, addiction problems, work related stress, pain management, anger problems in adults and children, eating disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. Problems are examined in detail to unlock potential solutions collaboratively. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is also found to be helpful to those with learning difficulties and their carers. Clients with a diagnosis of personality disorder and their families often find Solution-Focused Brief Therapy helpful.

I also offer appointments to teenagers with their families and individually where it is felt to be appropriate.

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